Empowering users to create what if scenarios for declining or growing attendance.

Planning Software Specialists

Visualize your data for planning capabilities unlike anything else.

Demographic Planning for All

We provide administrative teams with the powerful tools they need to bring district data to life through geospatial mapping and analytic software. 

Connecting forward-thinking planners to user-friendly software that merges district data points with a comprehensive mapping system for improved communications and informed decision-making capabilities. 

Analyze. Manage. Map.

The next generation of geographic information systems, ONPASS Pro enables users to gather, analyze, and present demographic and geospatial data through high-resolution visual mapping capabilities and user-friendly tools. 

ONPASS Pro Software

Location of schools in your school district with directions and helpful information through the easily navigated and engaging School Search. 

School Search.

Scott B. Thompson, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools (Retired)
Community Consolidated School District 15

“The support is outstanding and the software has proven to be extremely helpful in examining our school boundaries. I highly recommend it!”

ONPASS Pro is a fantastic program. 

Bring your district data to life, improve communications, and better inform your decision making