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School district superintendents and planners have tough decisions to make when school facilities are not being utilized efficiently. Having data and solid plans to back those decisions up is essential. If you could plan for change in your district using what-if scenarios, what might those look like?  If, for example, you needed to consider closing […]

What If You Could Create “What-If” Scenarios?

By Caroline Fahmy It is no exaggeration to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has created a chaotic environment for school district administrators particularly in managing student enrollments. School districts should start collecting and analyzing demographic data now to understand and plan for necessary changes in their districts next fall. Public school enrollments are dropping around […]

Planning for School District Demographic Change During a Pandemic

Susan McMillan, At Educational Data Systems, we believe that geographic information systems (GIS) provide school district administrators with a key that unlocks efficiencies in using existing data. If you are like many superintendents, your daily leadership tasks fall into roughly three categories: educational, political, and managerial (1). Which tasks occupy most of your time likely […]

Geographic Information Systems: Where’s the Added Value for School Districts?